Vispy exampleΒΆ

Note that this example depends on the Vispy library, and that you need a bleeding edge version of Vispy to run this.

An example showing how jupyter_rfb is used in Vispy. Note that Vispy implements a subclass of RemoteFrameBuffer for this to work.

from IPython.display import display
from vispy import scene
from vispy.visuals.transforms import STTransform

canvas = scene.SceneCanvas(keys='interactive', bgcolor='white',
                           size=(500, 400), show=True, resizable=True)

view = canvas.central_widget.add_view() = 'arcball'

sphere1 = scene.visuals.Sphere(radius=1, method='latitude', parent=view.scene,

sphere2 = scene.visuals.Sphere(radius=1, method='ico', parent=view.scene,

sphere3 = scene.visuals.Sphere(radius=1, rows=10, cols=10, depth=10,
                               method='cube', parent=view.scene,

sphere1.transform = STTransform(translate=[-2.5, 0, 0])
sphere3.transform = STTransform(translate=[2.5, 0, 0])[-3, 3])
initial snapshot
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